Make every day a little simpler and a lot more delicious.

Why will you love using a private chef service? 


Not only can you have amazing home cooked meals waiting for you when you arrive home, but you can have them DELIVERED.


Celebrate Mom, or send a thoughtful gift to a co-worker. From gift cards, to delivered personalized meals, private chef services are easy to give and oh so appreciated. 


We all need to see value in the products and services we invest in. While you pay a premium for our services, you will see the return in lower grocery costs, eliminating expensive take-out, and saving hours of your invaluable time.  


With work, school, sports, and activities, who has time to cook dinner?

We believe busy families deserve good food. Our mission is to create healthy, homemade meals, you're excited to get home to, using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Imagine opening your refrigerator after a long day, and seeing a selection of customized, ready to eat meals inside. Just pop a few covered dished is the oven and dinner is done!


Portland, Maine has one of the most vibrant, creative food scenes in the country, with chef's who are inspired by the exceptional local products available to us. From craft brewing, organic vegetable farms, locally raised meats and cheeses, why not bring the best of Maine's food culture right into your own home? 

We love to party! Take your next celebration, dinner party, or family gathering to the next level by letting us cook for you. We work with you to create a custom menu, highlighting the foods and flavors you enjoy most. Then we do all the shopping, cooking, and clean-up while you relax with guests .

Custom Cakes

Custom celebration cakes available for delivery.

From rustic to resplendent, we use only top notch ingredients to create your deliciously special cake.

About Tara

Feeding families is my passion. My cooking roots run deep, beginning in childhood when we lived with my Italian Grandfather. Waking up to the aroma of his simmering 'meat ragu'  at  9:00 in the morning was the norm...and probably why I love to eat leftovers at breakfast. Growing up in a small Vermont town also taught me to love entertaining at home (there's not much else to do) and how to cook my favorite Thai foods (not going to find 'exotic' curries in central Vt)! 

A call to healthier living led me to receive a certification in holistic nutrition, and while I still eat 'all the bad foods', I am forever intrigued with the concept of food as medicine.

I am also a recipe developer, and run a family food focused blog Modernmomskitchenacademy.com

The past year and half I have been happily feeding both the local and visiting families of Maine, creating gorgeous food and custom cakes for their dinner tables and private events.  

Tara Bombardier

What Clients have to say...

Your Cabernet Braised Beef is literally the best thing I have ever eaten...

Erin - Scarborough/NYC

I was grumpy and starving on my way home from work until I remembered it was meal delivery day! 

Scott -Portland

Tara's Allagash Beer Braised Brat's are the best thing I have eaten since I have been in Maine.

Michael- NYC

Tara - the ginger honey tea was so good. My daughter and I shared it and it soothed our very sore throats. 

We felt taken care of. Thank you!

Heidi - Falmouth

This cake is amazing... and I never like cake!

Party Guest- Raymond Maine

Thanks for an extra delicious week last week!

We loved everything!

AND the apple crisp was so yummy! Why are we all

Not eating crisp for breakfast every day?!

Rachel- Portland

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